Planning Commission


The Planning Commission is the City planning agency authorized by state statutes. Some Planning Commission determinations are advisory to the City Council, while others are binding unless appealed.

  • Serves as the agency to hear matters relating to zoning regulations arising from either chapter 4 of title 7 of the Government Code, or the zoning code of the City, or both (i.e., annexations, prezonings, rezonings, development agreements, final planned developments, use permits, variances, zoning interpretations and ordinance amendments).

  • Serves as the advisory agency to hear subdivision matters.

  • Serves as the advisory agency to hear general plan amendment applications that also request zoning or subdivision approvals.

  • Develops and maintains a general plan and such specific plans as may be necessary or desirable.

  • Determines the consistency of any project with the general plan using the criteria approved by the City Council.

  • Investigates and reports to the City Council regarding means of implementing the general plan.

  • Consults with and advises public officials and agencies, public utility companies, civic, educational and other professional organizations and citizens, generally, regarding implementation of the general plan and specific plans.

  • Makes general plan findings on development applications.

  • Reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on amendments to the general and specific plans.

Council Liaison:

Lucas Frerichs (Regular); Rochelle Swanson (Alternate)

Support Dept.:

Community Development

Staff Liaison:

Bob Wolcott, Principal Planner

Staff Phone:

(530) 757-5610

Number of Members:
  • 7 Regular members
  • 1 Alternate member

Member(s) shall serve as Inter-Commission Liaisons (non-voting) to the Finance & Budget Commission and Natural Resources Commission

Meeting Time:

The second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Place:

Community Chambers at City Hall, 23 Russell Boulevard.


In 1992, the Planning Commission was separated into two different commissions - Long Range Planning and Project Planning. In 1995 the two commissions were merged back into a single Planning Commission.

Meeting Type: Commission